Your Key To Japanese Real Estate

Fee System

As a Japanese real estate broker we get paid a percentage commission of the total sales price.
As such, our clients pay us:

Purchases below <2,000,000 JPY> = 5.5%
Purchases above <2,000,000 JPY> and below <4,000,000 JPY> = 4.4% + 22,000 JPY
Purchases above <4,000,000JPY> = 3.3% + 66,000 JPY


consumption tax included in accordance with Japanese property transaction regulations.
(most other brokers dont include the tax payable as a percentage but we think its fairer to write it this way…)
This pays for, and includes the following:
– custom client portfolio creation, simulations, yield calculations and other personalised documentation

– consultation time with your adviser


– our annual membership fees to the Japanese Real Estate Association

– our professional indemnity insurance as a licensed, regulated broker

– our salaries
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You may require other services after purchase. Refer to the Services sections for further information and pricing.