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Advisory Fee Schedule

Service Description Cost (ex. tax)
Retirement funding requirement analysis retirement trajectory and shortfall analysis. Includes funding requirements based on targets, the probability of success and adjustment recommendations 12,000 JPY
Existing Investment portfolio evaluation cost/performance analysis of existing stock market or fund investment portfolio. Includes benchmarking and risk-adjusted return calculations, recommendations and adjustments 12,000 JPY
Comprehensive property investment evaluation Report includes true yield calculations, IRR, Cap Rate, Debt Service Coverage Ratio, Vacancy, Breakevens, Possibility of Ruin, qualitative observations, recommendations and yield improvement suggestions 50,000 JPY per property
Loan Lounge Mortgage Report an up-to-date inside information report about which banks are lending to foreign residents in Japan, including actionable contact information so you can apply directly 24,000 JPY
Consultation general client-specific advice 10,000 JPY per hour