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Accounting Fee Schedule

Service Description Cost (ex. tax)
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For Companies

Consulting Services For Businesses
Type A Accountant attends client office as required on a weekly basis 70,000 JPY per month
Type B Accountant attends client office once a month and provides support via phone and email. Monthly support limited to a total of 2-hours 40,000 JPY per month
Type C Support by telephone and email only. Clients can visit the accountant a maximum of x6 times annually for a face to face meeting, including 2-hours of support each month 30,000 JPY per month
Additional face-to-face consultations Tokyo only 50,000 JPY
Bookkeeping Service For Companies
less than 150 transactions includes salary calculation sheet 35,000 JPY
More than 150 transactions includes salary calculation sheet plus 200 JPY per transaction
plus annual labour insurance update 20,000 JPY
plus annual social insurance update 20,000 JPY

For Individual Investors

Tax Representative Nomination we receive and manage all tax payment notifications on your behalf and pay all of your property taxes for you.
This total will be paid back to us by you at the end of each year
10,000 JPY per property
Depreciable asset return claim form for depreciation expense of fixed assets 30,000 JPY
Tax investigation support (Partner or CPA) investigation by telephone or negotiation with the Japanese National Tax Office on your behalf during an investigation/audit or tax return adjustment 15,000 JPY per hour
Tax investigation support (Staff) same 10,000 JPY per hour
Japanese Inheritance Tax Calculation Personal inheritance tax liability calculation based on client assets, liabilities and beneficiaries. The outcome is an accurate representation of the inheritance tax payable on the client’s estate by the receiving beneficiaries. 30,000 JPY
Miscellaneous declarations, document
or report submission
all tax or government-related document submissions
on your behalf
20,000 JPY
Other services on request 10,000 JPY per hour
Income Tax Filings
Annual income up to 10 mln JPY 120,000 JPY
Annual income up to 30 mln JPY 150,000 JPY
Annual income up to 50 mln JPY 180,000 JPY
Annual income up to 100 mln JPY 210,000 JPY
Annual income up to 300 mln JPY 240,000 JPY
Annual income up to 500 mln JPY custom quotation